Different dissemination activities will be carried out during the project. They are listed in this page:

Nov-Dec 2020: Presentation of the paper “Capacity building for disaster management in Mozambique through teaching public participatory GIS and spatial data infrastructure” at the 13th GeoInformation for Disaster Management conference, Sydney, Australia

Nov-Dec 2020: Ali Mansourian and Maria Brovelli participated in the Gi4DM Panel: Education for GeoDM

March 2022: Dissemination workshop, online, March 2022

The workshop illustrated the CIDMA project, its achievements, and the 3 courses under development. The workshop also discussed the Bologna system and e-learning methods

December 2022: Dissemination workshop in Maputo

February 2023: Dissemination workshop about DMT(organized by UEM)

The disaster management tool (DMT) was developed in the CIMDA project. The partners, together with the public, are the primary users of the DMT, and the universities’ staff will be using the developed courses to increase their knowledge on the applications of GIS/RS in disaster modeling and management

March 2023: Dissemination workshop about courses (organized by UEM)

Participating institutions:

  • Instituto Superior Politecnico de Tete(ISPT) 
  • Agência para Promoção de Investimento e Exportações. (APIEX)
  • Consultec, Consultores Associados, Lda
  • Autoridade de aviação civil
  • Conselho Municipal da Cidade de Maputo – Direcção-Municipal de ordenamento territorial
  • Direcção Nacional de Gestão de Recursos Hídricos
  • Universidade Eduardo Mondlane – Faculdade de Agronomia 
  • Universidade Eduardo Mondlane – Faculdade de Letras e Ciências Sociais 
  • Instituto Nacional de Irrigação 
  • Eletricidade de Moçambique 
  • Centro Nacional de Cartografia e Teledetecção (CENACARTA)
  • Pangeia, SA
  • RPCM-Regimento de Protecção da Cidade de Maputo

April 2023: Dissemination workshop with local stakeholders (organized by UniZambeze)

To disseminate the courses produced in the CIDMA project, Zambezi University held a meeting at the distance learning center facilities in Chimoio. Community and local government members were present at the meeting. Professor Eufrásio Nhongo’s presentation aroused great interest in the audience, which was translated into the active participation of those present and requests for clarification of the course

April 2023: Dissemination workshop with local stakeholders (organized by UniLurio)

The Unilurio- Faculty of Natural Sciences project dissemination workshop was held at Unilurio – Faculty of Natural Sciences on the 26th of April. The results of the CIDMA project were presented. UniLúrio teachers and 73  students participated in the workshop.

April 2023: Publication in a newspaper by UniZambeze

May 2023: Dissemination workshop by IST/ULisbon

IST/ULisbon has presented an online dissemination workshop to Mozambican stakeholders (university students and professors). The CIDMA project, its outputs, the future use of materials, and an overview of the three developed courses were presented and discussed. IST/ULisbon also presented an application of ongoing scientific research on water monitoring using remote sensing techniques, which motivated the audience’s curiosity. The IST/ULisbon team and the three universities from Mozambique participated in the workshop, which was attended by 26 students.