Eduardo Mondlane University

Eduardo Mondlane University, founded in 1962 is a national public institution, the oldest institution of higher education in Mozambique. Eduardo Mondlane University has since assumed the status of a national university, having conceived a policy that guarantees fair access to students from different regions of the country. It is a public institution of higher education endowed with legal personality enjoying scientific, pedagogical, administrative and financial autonomy. Through EMU, many generations of young people who now perform functions and activities in the most diverse spheres of society, at government level, social, economic and service sectors, both in Mozambique and at international level. Today, Eduardo Mondlane University is inserted in a social context of market economy and is present in the provinces of Maputo, Gaza, Inhambane, Zambézia and, through distance education, throughout the country and abroad. UEM has established scientific and academic relations with hundreds of universities all over the world. It has benefited from dozens projects sponsored by European Union and other national and international institutions and foundations.
The Eduardo Mondlane University has eleven faculties and six schools with total number of over 39 000 students. “Natural resources, environment and climate change” is one of five main thematic areas defined by UEM for priority development and support. Faculty of Science with its department of Mathematics and Informatics, hosting the GIS section, Physics, Geology, Biology and Chemistry departments plays the key role in delivering results in research and training in this area.
The Department of Mathematics and Informatics (DMI) is the biggest among the five academic departments of the Faculty of Sciences. Four academic sections compose DMI, namely Mathematics, Informatics, Geographical Information Sciences (GIS), and Statistics. DMI together with the physics department have the experience in carrying out research and training the geographic information system, remote sensing, and climate change in cooperation with international partners.

Contact persons involved in the project:

  • Andrey Shindyapin
  • Natasha Ribeiro
  • Bhangy Cassy
  • José Nhavoto