Universidade de Lisboa

Universidade de Lisboa is the largest and most prestigious university in Portugal and one of Europe’s leading universities. Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), a UL faculty, is the largest and most reputed school of Engineering, Science and Technology in Portugal. Since its creation in 1911, IST’s mission is to contribute to the development of society by providing top-quality higher education in the areas of Engineering, Science, Technology and Architecture, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and developing Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) activities to allow it to provide teaching in line with the highest international standards. Its mission is therefore expressed in the three functions which characterize the concept of a modern university: to generate knowledge, to transfer skilled professionals and to transfer and apply knowledge and innovation. IST has 9 departments and is involved in some of the most prestigious RD&I and technology transfer institutions in Portugal, with remarkable impact internationally in many scientific and technological domains, with c. 10,500 full-year equivalent under and post graduate students, and about 1,500 full-time equivalent teaching and non-teaching staff. Internationalization has been defined as a key strategic goal with increasing number of international students and staff as well as increasing participation in international academic networks. IST participates in more than 25 Dual MSc programmes, and joint PhD programmes (MIT, CMU, UT-Austin, EPFL), thus promoting a highly modern and culturally diverse society. By providing top-quality higher education and excellent knowledge tools, strongly exposed to RD&I activities, IST is able to immerse its students in an exciting and global environment geared towards solving the challenges of the 21st Century and embracing a more modern, entrepreneurial and culturally diverse society.

Contact persons involved in the project:

  • Ana Paula Falcão
  • João Matos

Download the presentation given during the meeting in Lund (February 2020)