Zambezi University


University Zambezi is relatively young public institution designed to resolve the national iniquities in public education sector between theregion of Mozambique and its central and northern part, founded 2007 it is maintained by the government of Mozambique. It has its rectory installed in the city of Beira in Sofala province. Its main area of activity is in the provinces of Sofala, Manica, Tete and Zambézia.
This university teaches courses based on the natural sciences such as medicine, pharmacy, besides courses in applied sciences such as engineering. Since its foundation topics linked to natural resources and changes in climate have been specifically based on the faculty of environmental engineering and natural resources in Chimoio. Though UniZambezi is a newly created university, because of its location in the central area of Mozambique, the most densely populated area of the country, it has the second largest intake in students if we compare with UEM and UniLurio. Some faculties of this university are located in the rural areas, which sets up conditions for equal access to high education for the disadvantaged groups, especially women.
The reputation of the university beyond borders can be witnessed by the growing number of relationships with foreign universities. It benefited from a considerable number of projects sponsored by the European Union and projects with other countries outside Europe. Internally, UniZambezi has been doing joint projects with other higher education institutions.

Contact persons involved in the project:

  • Pedro Chume
  • Angelo Gomes

Download the presentation given during the meeting in Lund (February 2020)